Tommy The Turtle
Helps Young Kids Learn ​to Code 
STEMDash is a one-stop shop to support your child’s success. Join STEMDash to track your child's progress, chat with your child to provide encouragement, or limit their playtime. Download and get started today – it’s free!

1. Signup for a free account
2. Add profiles for each child
3. Use the STEMDash app to limit playtime, track their performance, or chat 

For Parents: ​​

  • Connects parents and kids through a safe and fun platform
  • Safe and secure messaging to give your child daily encouragement
  • Monitor your kid's educational progress 
  • Set up a schedule to limit your child's app playtime 
  • Compliant – only parents can verify access 
  • Notifications alert parents to when their child starts new learning activities 
  • Learning analytics help parents observe their child's learning progress 
For Teachers:

  • Stay connected to your students in-class progress
  • Send individual notes to your students while they are engaged in the coding lesson
  • Monitor each student’s progress to determine if children are having difficulties with certain coding concepts
  • Set up a timing schedule for each coding lesson 
  • Set up multiple student profiles to monitor classroom progress